Videos About Glacier National Park

Watch these informative videos to learn more about the nature, wildlife, and geology of Glacier National Park. You can also watch our video series on bear safety, and learn about leave-no-trace principles that should be applied no matter where you hike or explore.

Colorful Rocks

Colorful Rocks

Lake McDonald is a popular spot for Glacier National Park visitors to view our “fruity pebble” colorful rocks along the shore. Anthony tells us more about how these rocks get their color. The answer might surprise you!

Anthony Nelson

Bobcat vs Lynx

Ear tufts? Beards? Paws? Garrett tells us the sure way to identify bobcats vs lynx– two of the three native, wild cats in Glacier National Park. Keep an eye out for these felines and other carnivores while you drive, hike, or camp around the park!

Cell Service in Glacier

Cell Service in Glacier

Can you hear me now? Anthony shares important info about cell phone reception in Glacier National Park. Crucial for all visitors, but especially folks planning hikes of any length.

Leave No Trace Principles

Garrett and Anthony teach us the seven Leave No Trace principles before we head out for a day hike in Glacier National Park. The Glacier Institute did not create these principles or the hand signals used to help teach them, but we use them daily in our guided hikes, camps and courses here in northwest Montana!

Lake McDonald Fires

Visitors to Glacier National Park that make a stop along Lake McDonald are able to see several recent wildfire burn sites. Garrett tells us more about these fires– when they occurred and where they burned.

Glacier Flour

Glacial Flour

Have you ever seen a photo of a mountain lake that has bright turquoise blue hue? This gorgeous phenomena is explained by Garrett! There are a few lakes in Glacier National Park you can witness this incredible sight, but most require you to earn the view with a hike!

Driving Etiquette

Driving Etiquette

Visiting Glacier National Park always involves spending time in your vehicle, often driving along high-traffic roads, like the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road. Everyone is here to witness the beauty of the scenery and majesty of wildlife (when you’re lucky enough to catch a sighting), but it’s still important to be courteous of other vehicles along the way. Anthony shares some important driving etiquette to keep in mind while you’re behind the wheel.

Trail Etiquette: A Guide to Responsible Hiking

Trail Etiquette

Heading out for a hike in Glacier National Park? Anthony and Garrett share some helpful etiquette to keep in mind. Public Lands are for everyone, so it’s important to be a courteous user!