Trail Etiquette

Heading out for a hike in Glacier National Park? Anthony and Garrett share some helpful etiquette to keep in mind. Public Lands are for everyone, so it's important to be a courteous user!

Getting out on the trails of themselves. There’s some things that you should know. There’s some certain Trail etiquette that you want to hold to. Yeah. It’s important to be courteous of other hikers when you’re out. Always yield to those hiking uphill. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been a little bit out of breath. It’s nice to to know that everyone’s kind of stepping aside and helping you out. Also, if you’re in a large group, you might want to try and avoid taking up too much space or going too slowly, be aware of hikers around you. Yeah, absolutely. Make sure that when you’re stepping out of the way that you’re being cautious to stand on durable surfaces and make sure that you’re following all those Leave No Trace principles that you can see in one of our other videos.