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Our safe and positive camps get your child out of the house and into nature. We offer 1 day camp as well as 2, 3, 4 and 5 day camps and hikes that will leave your child asking for more. All of our camps provide an adventure that is Safe, Enjoyable and Educational.

Join the 35,000+ students that have gone through our programs and learn to experience life in nature.

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Advanced Backpacking | 6-Day Summer Camp

Ages: 13-17 Make sure you reserve a spot for this one! This will be an epic backcountry adventure inside Glacier National Park! This 6-day trip will open your eyes to the wild side of the park and give you the ultimate chance to put your skills... [READ MORE]

Big Creek Boys Camp | 3-Day Summer Camp

Ages 9-11: Under the wide-open sky and amongst the fresh air we'll find out just what it takes to survive in the wild by building shelters, learning how to navigate the land, and hopefully getting some sparks flying in our fire building lessons.... [READ MORE]

Big Creek Girls Camp | 3-Day Summer Camp

Ages 9-11: We're dedicating three whole days to those lovely ladies who may be damsels, but sure aren't in any distress! We're going to spend our days breathing in the fresh air as we learn how to start a fire, build a shelter, and work together... [READ MORE]
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Columbia Falls Summer Day Camp

Ages 7-10: All of our activities for the day will revolve around our central theme. We will begin by getting to know each other before introducing topics such as wildlife safety and leave no trace principles. The day will consist of a field trip,... [READ MORE]
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Fly Fishing Camp | 2-Day Summer Day Camp

Ages 9-11: Let’s learn about fly fishing! This camp is a great intro into the world of fly fishing, a perfect beginner’s experience. Your camper will learn how to cast, tie knots, and proper fish identification. Hopefully by the end of camp... [READ MORE]

Fly Fishing Camp | 3-Day Camp

Ages: 11-14 This camp is great for both beginner and experienced fly-fishing kiddos alike! We will cover all of the basic skills a burgeoning fly angler needs, but most importantly, we will spend most of our time on the water fishing for some... [READ MORE]

Happy Camper | 2-Day Summer Camp

Ages 7-9: For many of our young, budding naturalists, this is the first sleep-away camp they will experience. We have plenty of exciting games and activities planned to ease your child into this sleep-away experience. Whether this is their first... [READ MORE]

Intermediate Backpacking | 4 Day Summer Camp

Ages: 11-14 Calling all backpackers! A backcountry trail is the best way to see Glacier National Park! This intermediate backpacking program will test navigation and Leave No Trace skills in the wild. Your campers will learn how to refine their... [READ MORE]

Intro to Backpacking | 4-Day Summer Kids Camp

Ages 9-11: Backpacking is one of the most rewarding and confidence boosting activities, but can be a daunting undertaking for many hikers, regardless of your experience level. This introductory camp will teach campers all the skills, tips, and... [READ MORE]
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Little Naturalist | 3-Day Summer Youth Camp

Ages 7-9: For many of our young, budding naturalists, this is the first sleep-away camp they will experience. We have plenty of exciting games and activities planned to ease your child into this 2-night sleep-away experience. Whether this is their... [READ MORE]

Nature Discovery – Energy | 4-Day Summer Kids Camp

Ages 9-11: Why do bears hibernate? How do plants get food? This energy camp will answer these questions. Your kids will learn about all different forms of energy in the wild. They will also be introduced to energy-related career opportunities.... [READ MORE]

Nature Discovery – Wildlife | 4-Day Summer Youth Camp

Ages 11-14: This is one your camper won't want to miss! This 4-day camp will offer an adventure-packed trip into the vast, secluded, and enchanting wilderness of the North Fork region of Glacier Park and the Flathead National Forest. The experience... [READ MORE]