Bobcat vs Lynx

Ear tufts? Beards? Paws? Garrett tells us the sure way to identify bobcats vs lynx-- two of the three native, wild cats in Glacier National Park. Keep an eye out for these felines and other carnivores while you drive, hike, or camp around the park!

So when I was growing up, everyone told me the easiest way to tell the difference between a bobcat and a lynx was by the ears. But, Garrett, you’re telling me that’s not the best way. Yeah, that’s a common misconception. So believe it or not both bobcats and lynx can have ear tufts and little beards here and there. They even could be relatively similar size. The really only true way to tell the difference between a lynx in a bobcat is by the tip of their tail. A lynx will have a solid jet black tail whereas a bobcat has a black and white tail.