Board of Directors

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Josh Arrants


Decent skier, average golfer, and huge hearted. Lance came to the Flathead Valley to run the local paper and has since shifted to real estate. He volunteers much of his time for local nonprofits and gets into the mountains as often as possible.


Dee Mann Aust


Sue brings over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance to our team, and is owner of The CFO Agency. She believes education is the key to change and loves the Glacier Institute’s commitment to using education to connect people to the outdoors. Sue is a self-proclaimed foodie, enjoys camping, gardening, good friends, good wine, and aspires to spend more time quilting in the future.


Sue Thompson


A Wyoming native, Dee is a natural leader with over 25 years of leadership experience in a 40 year healthcare career. She is proud to have opened the first Social Work department at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Dee is happily married, loves to laugh, is soothed by nature, driven by music, and has been passionate about photography since receiving a Pentax K1000 in college. She comes to the board with a long list of leadership certifications and a perpetual instinct to always be prepared.


David Fetveit


My grandparents purchased the tour boats concessions in Glacier National Park in 1938 and our family has been floating on its beautiful lakes ever since. Now semi-retired, my wife and I use our RV and two wheeled conveyances in our continuing and successful search for special campsites. We enjoy quality of time with our two daughters and our family members in the area. We appreciate and make use of the outdoor activities available in our wonderful state. I am proud to assist the Institute in its essential mission and I am continually impressed with the caliber of staff and crew that are the most important part of the equation.


Nancy Lundgren


A native of New England, Nancy has called West Glacier, Montana home for over 40 years. She has a Masters Degree in Education with a career focused on youth. Nancy has been a Board member of the Glacier Institute since 2013 and remembers her two daughters adventures attending camps at Big Creek. She looks forward to having her three grandchildren participate as soon as they are of age. Always attracted to the wild, Nancy’s current adventures include managing communications at various checkpoints for the annual Iditarod Dog Sled races in the Alaskan Bush and monitoring Common Loons at backcountry lakes in Glacier National Park.



Jeff Ellingson


After his second year at Flathead Valley Community College, Jeff got a summer ranger job in Glacier, which he managed to stretch into three seasons at Rising Sun and three more at Polebridge and Logging Lake. Between summers of hiking, climbing, and helping visitors in Glacier Heaven, he finished college at UM and Stanford Law School, before returning to Kalispell to be near family, and start his 40-year law career. Jeff and Susan and their blended family of five children (and grandchildren and multiple dogs) love Glacier and the Flathead Valley.


Lance Fahrney


As a kid growing up in South Carolina, Josh Arrants always dreamed of seeing Montana. What he never imagined possible was that he’d one day have the opportunity to teach classes in the most beautiful classroom he’d ever seen, Glacier National Park. A naturalist with over 20 years experience managing natural resources and teaching natural history, Josh has dedicated much of his career to protecting endangered species populations on military installations, state and federal lands, as well as private properties. He lives in Kalispell with his wife, Aimee, and can be found fishing, wandering in the woods and staring at the mountains for hours.


Mike Carpenter


Born and raised in South Dakota. Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a Masters degree in Management. 35 year high tech management career mostly in Minnesota. Now seasonally migrates between Montana and Florida. Fly fishing obsession, fly casting instructor, Florida Master Naturalist.


Art Burch


guided day hike

Beau Servo


Beau Servo grew up on the streams of Northwest Montana. With Glacier Park as his backyard he was taught at an early age to love nature and learn from it. He followed his passion for fly fishing to the University of Montana where he studied fisheries and received a degree in Wildlife Biology. When offered a job on the North Fork of the Flathead River after university he couldn’t refuse. Working for the Glacier Institute at Big Creek Outdoor Education Center he discovered his love for teaching. There he met his wonderful wife, and after 6 seasons he returned to university to earn another biology degree and teaching certificate.

After teaching high school science for multiple years, he found himself back in the Flathead Valley and is currently teaching woodshop at Flathead High School.

David Fetveit is a third-generation Flathead native who returned to the  Valley in 2005 after 10 years as a corporate executive for a national firm based in Phoenix.  His background in real estate investing, business and appreciation for the local dynamics provide an extensive and unique understanding of Flathead Valley real estate markets.  David is a licensed real estate broker with PureWest Real Estate, working with the same brokerage since 2007, and joining the ownership group in 2019.

David takes pride in his active involvement in the church and local community and is actively engaged in all of Montana's outdoor activities with his four boys – golf, fishing, hiking, and boating. He’s passionate about sharing Montana with those who love and appreciate what Northwest Montana has to offer.

The Glacier Institute Staff

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Anthony Nelson


Anthony is a husband, father of three, amateur rock skipper, musician, and listener of audio-books. The highlight of his job is getting youth out to Big Creek to create lasting memories that spark a love for the outdoors; experiences he was fortunate to have in his own childhood and considers irreplaceable. Brunch meetings are a close second.



Dawn Glynn


Dawn runs a tight ship at the main Glacier Institute campus in downtown Columbia Falls. She’s a huge fan of camping with her family, reading a good book, and kayaking at the lake.



Garrett Tovey


Garrett is passionate about the preservation of our public lands and helping foster the next generation of environmental stewards. He has degrees in biology and wildlife ecology, and enjoys playing music and backpacking with his two pups, Addie and Hank.


Jeremy Mckeen

Jeremy Mckeen


Jeremy is passionate about getting youth exploring and learning about the wilderness.He has a degree in outdoor education. During his days off you can find fly fishing the local waters, skiing, and mountain biking.


Glacier National Park hikes

Emmalee Buss


Emmy loves mountain summits, wildflower filled meadows, and hawks in flight. She enjoys strolling through the woods and teaching those around her about the beauty of the outdoors. This native Texan has a degree in Environmental Science, and has worked as a trail guide in Wyoming.

Anna McNabb comes from Ohio with a degree in Environmental Science and a passion for educating others on the natural world. She enjoys early morning mountain sunrises, lakes with beautiful backdrops, and hiking with friends.

Sarah has a background in wildlife biology and a love for all things outdoors. She quickly realized her passion for spreading the wonder of nature to youth and has been pursuing that ever since. In her free time, Sarah could be found hiking, camping, and traveling with her dog, Rosco.

Kendall has always found herself to be happiest in nature. Born and raised in New Mexico she is coming to Glacier with a love for all things outdoors including fly fishing, backpacking, and rafting. With a background in international studies and political science, she is excited to bring her passion and knowledge of nature to the  outdoor education world!

Kyler comes from Pennsylvania with a degree in Wildlife Technologies and Recreation Parks Tourism Management, He has a passion for outdoor education and enjoys birding and fishing in his free time.

In spending the last few years in Western Montana gaining a Bachelors of Art, Chloe has developed an unconditional love for outdoor education and advocacy. She finds joy in (safe) alpine lake dips, climbing a slab of limestone, mediocre backcountry food, and early ski mornings. Originally from Colorado, Chloe is eager for the outdoors to be an inclusive healing space.

Emmalee is a native Wyomingite with a passion for exploring wild places and learning about how the world works. She has a degree in Biology and has previously worked as a wildlife technician in Wyoming. She is an avid hiker, an amateur photographer, and a lover of singing and music.

Theresa is from New Jersey and has a degree in Biology and Animal Studies. Growing up exploring National Parks and the White Mountains (New Hampshire) inspired her to help cultivate similar experiences in the outdoors in others. She is a big animal enthusiast, seeker of new hiking adventures and is always on the hunt for the next fun book to read.

Randa is from Pennsylvania and cares deeply about environmental justice. She’s very excited to explore Glacier's history and beautiful wilderness this summer.

Jenna found a love for the outdoors through camping and canoeing trips with her family in her home state of Minnesota. Her passion for environmental stewardship led her to pursue a degree in Soil and Water Science. She enjoys exploring new trails, chasing alpenglow, and blueberry pop tarts.

Rachel thinks rocks are gneiss. With a degree in Environmental Studies and Geology she can't wait to share her passion for this planet with the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Originally a Bostonian, she is excited to spend a season in the mountains hiking, skiing, biking and swimming!

Mia just joined our staff at our Big Creek Outdoor Education Center as an Outdoor Education Specialist. She was born and raised in Florida, but soon after realizing her passion for the outdoors she moved her life out West to work in the National Forests and Parks. She loves hiking, swimming, birding, and live music.

Rita has always had a love of nature, and has grown up in Georgia climbing trees and playing outside. She particularly enjoys watching wildlife, so much so that she majored in wildlife science at the University of Georgia. Living out west has been a dream come true and she can’t wait to explore the area more!

Nina was born and raised in the flat cornfields of Iowa. When given the opportunity to take a class in Montana last summer, she fell in love with Glacier National Park and knew she needed to see more. After graduating with a degree in animal ecology, Nina made the trip back up to Montana!

Lauren comes from Ohio, but she's no stranger to the mountains of Montana. After studying ecosystems science, restoration and climate change studies, she joins Glacier Institute with a passion for connecting people to their community and nature.

Nature is my favorite playground, and the Earth is my most valuable teacher. I have grown a deep appreciation for the outdoors from my home state of Maine and have developed an interest in creating sustainable ways to teach science outside. Most recently, I have received a dual degree in Earth and Climate Sciences and Secondary Education from the University of Maine in Orono. Along with exploring the outside and science pedagogies, I enjoy spending my time reading and playing with my two cats.

Hannah is definitely not in Kansas anymore! Born and raised in the prairie state, Hannah is excited to share all she can about Glacier National Park and the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem! She has a passion for ecological research, most recently fueled by the opportunity to travel and complete research on termite mounds in South Africa. She earned degrees from Kansas State University in Biology and Physical Science and will be  attending the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi to complete a Masters of Renewable Resources.