Bear Safety Videos

Don’t miss out on the great outdoors because of a fear of bears. Watch to better understand bears and how to explore bear country safely.

Bear Spray

S. P. R. A. Y. Acronym

We love a good acronym here at the Glacier Institute. Garrett and Anthony share the way we start each of our guided hikes, private tours, camps, and courses in Glacier National Park: teaching SPRAY.

How to carry your bear spray

How to Carry Your Bear Spray

A lot of visitors to Glacier National Park don’t know the best (safest) way to carry bear spray. You’ve made one step in the right direction by picking up a canister to bring with you on your hike, but carrying it improperly can render this important tool useless and put you at risk during a bear encounter. Garrett and Anthony share the best and safest way to carry bear spray.

Bear Spray Safety

Bear Spray Safety Clip

Packaging or important tool? Garrett explains the plastic clip that covers the trigger on your bear spray canister.

Signs of Bear Aggression

Signs of Bear Agitation

How do you know when a bear is getting agitated and that you need to be prepared to deploy your bear spray? Garrett and Anthony give us the rundown of signs that indicate a bear is agitated.

Standing Bear

Standing Bear

Do bears really stand up on their hind legs when they want to attack? Garrett and Anthony cover this common misconception about the real-life bears we have here in Glacier National Park.

When to Spray Your Bear Spray

Garrett teaches us about WHEN to deploy our bear spray. Timing your spray is a critical part of effective use of this important bear deterrent. When you’re hiking in Glacier National Park or any other trails, timing your bear spray correctly could save your life during a dangerous bear encounter.

How to Spray Bear Spray

Having the right tool (Bear Spray) and knowing how to use it are both important steps in preparing to recreate in bear country! Garrett gives us a tutorial on HOW to spray your bear spray in the event of a bear encounter.

Storing Your Bear Spray

Bear spray is such an important tool to have while exploring Glacier National Park. But, storing it improperly can totally ruin your day and your vehicle. Anthony shares this awesome tip for safe bear spray storage.

Areas of Higher Risk

Every time you head outdoors in Glacier National Park it is important to be bear aware. But, are there times you need to be extra cautious? Anthony and Garrett give us some crucial tips!

Mountain Biking in Bear Country

Different activities in Glacier National Park are associated with different levels of risk when it comes to encountering a bear. Garrett explains why folks who visit the park on two-wheels might be in a bit more danger than those on two-feet.

Winter Bear Spray

Bears? In the winter? Yep, even in the Winter, the Glacier Institute staff is ALWAY carrying bear spray! Garrett explains why bear safety doesn’t hibernate. Important for your snowshoeing, skiing, and other winter sports friends! Especially if you live in grizzly bear territory, like we do here in Glacier National Park.

Bear Safety Storage Campgrounds

Bear Safe Storage, Campgrounds

Tons of people visit Glacier National Park to sleep under the stars in one of the many front country campgrounds each year. Campgrounds can be a dangerous place for humans and bears because we humans bring lots of interesting and attractive smells with us to camp that bears take interest in. Garrett teaches us how to use Bear Safe Storage containers and what NEEDS to go inside before you kick back to relax in your tent or camper.