Mountain Biking in Bear Country

Different activities in Glacier National Park are associated with different levels of risk when it comes to encountering a bear. Garrett explains why folks who visit the park on two-wheels might be in a bit more danger than those on two-feet.

Here in Glacier National Park, our snow sticks around for quite some time. Here on the inside North Fork Road, this will pretty soon be melted enough for mountain bikers. Yeah, one of the most important things to remember while you’re mountain biking is to keep your bear spray on your body, not attached to your bike, on your body. That way if you get separated from your bike, you’ve still got your bear spray. Yeah, and believe it or not, while mountain biking you actually could beat slightly more risk to have a surprise encounter with a bear. You’re moving at a quicker rate and you’re not making as much noise. So, things to keep in mind: Keep your bear spray on you, not in your water bottle cages or on your handlebars.