How to Carry Your Bear Spray

A lot of visitors to Glacier National Park don’t know the best (safest) way to carry bear spray. You’ve made one step in the right direction by picking up a canister to bring with you on your hike, but carrying it improperly can render this important tool useless and put you at risk during a bear encounter. Garrett and Anthony share the best and safest way to carry bear spray.

You’re going to notice that Garrett and I are both carrying our bear spray on the front of our body. It’s really important that you have bear spray in an accessible area of your body. I’m gonna be able to access it quickly. Some people actually prefer to wear it on the hip belt of their backpack, totally okay, too. One thing you want to avoid is having it inside your backpack or even inside one of your water bottle holsters. Yeah, most importantly you need to have it somewhere easy to get to and practice taking it out over and over and over again so that if you do have to pull it out quickly your body already knows how to do it.