How to Spray Bear Spray

Having the right tool (Bear Spray) and knowing how to use it are both important steps in preparing to recreate in bear country! Garrett gives us a tutorial on HOW to spray your bear spray in the event of a bear encounter.

How to spray your bear spray if you’re following our SPRAY acronym readying in your bear spray is an important part of this. My bear spray is removed from its holster. I have gripped the bottom with my less dominant hand. My actual dominant hand the index finger is through the finger hole. If I’m able to I will remove the safety and depress the trigger in one motion. If I’m not able to I will pop the safety and then depress the trigger. Hey bear, go way bear. Hey bear. Hey bear.

Please note, we use inert training canisters (no capsaicin aka “pepper”) to help our staff practice deploying bear spray. DO NOT TEST OR PRACTICE WITH A LIVE CAN! Bear spray is highly potent and will be painful to experience.