Bear Safe Storage, Campgrounds

Tons of people visit Glacier National Park to sleep under the stars in one of the many front country campgrounds each year. Campgrounds can be a dangerous place for humans and bears because we humans bring lots of interesting and attractive smells with us to camp that bears take interest in. Garrett teaches us how to use Bear Safe Storage containers and what NEEDS to go inside before you kick back to relax in your tent or camper.

Hey Garrett, what’s up with all these metal boxes everywhere? Yeah, these bearsaver lockers are wonderful for keeping our humans and bears safe here in this front country campsite. We also have some in the backcountry and addition to bear hang poles. In the front country, we want to make sure all smellable, consumable items — So anything from food, to deodorant, to toothpaste–  stay safely stored. Not in your car, not in your tent, not in your camper, but it comes here to these storage lockers. Simply reach inside, open, put your smellables in there. Close and they’re locked tight. Awesome. Thanks, Garrett!