When to Spray Your Bear Spray

Garrett teaches us about WHEN to deploy our bear spray. Timing your spray is a critical part of effective use of this important bear deterrent. When you’re hiking in Glacier National Park or any other trails, timing your bear spray correctly could save your life during a dangerous bear encounter.

Another big part of bear safety is learning when to deploy bear spray. Bears can charge at 35 miles an hour. So, you’re not gonna have a lot of time to make that decision. We always like to say that safety is not an accident. Always anticipate bear encounters when you’re hiking in the wild. What I like to do is pick a spot of about 25 feet in front of me. If you look behind me, Anthony’s about 25 feet. So a bear charging at me at full speed. I would have enough time to deploy my bear spray and that bear spray that fog would create a wall that that bear has to come through to get to me.