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Alright friends, it’s time to introduce you to another new member of the Glacier Institute team, Natalie Wright! Please give this city gal a warm, country welcome!

Role: Outdoor Education Specialist
Hometown: New York, New York 🍎
University: George Washington University

Our beloved Natalie from New York, yes, the city, brings to us a vast knowledge and passion for the outdoors– in addition incredible public transportation skills. She uses these skills to teach some excellent navigation and orienteering skills up at Big Creek. 

Originally from New York City, Natalie attributes her love for the outdoors to sleepaway camp in Long Island and field trips to the American Museum of Natural History. Natalie’s work volunteering with political campaigns In NYC made her understand how important people’s attitudes and ideologies are in the fight to protect the environment— a reality which ultimately pushed her to pursue an undergraduate degree in both Environmental Studies and Political Science. Before coming to the Glacier Institute, Natalie did education and interpretation for Shenandoah National Park. She is passionate about hiking, simply existing outdoors, and inspiring others to cultivate a healthy relationship with the natural world. 

Natalie is an amateur acoustic guitar player. Natalie embodies carpe diem and is our go to Latin enthusiast, thanks to years of valuable practice in high school classes. Seek her out if you want to know the deep meaning of scientific names such as larix occidentalis or canis lupus.