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If your time is short in Glacier Park, choose one of our guided day hikes or educational programs that you’ll remember forever

No matter what your interest, we have you covered with everything from epic hikes, to finger painting, and fly fishing.  Not only will you experience a great day in Glacier Park, but we promise you’ll learn something new.

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Alpine Mammals Guided Educational Hike

Alpine Mammals Guided Educational Hike

August 17, 2024: Have you ever wondered why marmots lick your hiking boots and steal your trekking poles? How mountain goats can climb vertical cliffs while lacking opposable thumbs? How the animals of Logan Pass endure frequent subzero temperatures... [READ MORE]
Alpine Wildflowers Guided Educational Hike

Alpine Wildflowers Guided Educational Hike

July 27, 2024: The wildflowers of Glacier are spectacular. They are especially beautiful against the rugged backdrop of mountain peaks. Their fragility is even more striking when the adverse environment of their habitat is understood. In this... [READ MORE]
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Birding by Ear in Glacier Park

June 16, 2024: Glacier National Park comprises more than 1 million acres of diverse and stunning bird habitat. Encounter both common and uncommon bird species that thrive in and around the park on an adventure led by expert birder Denny Olson,... [READ MORE]

Birding for Beginners

August 24, 2024: Have you ever wondered what birds live in your backyard? Do you wish you could identify that weird noise following you on your hikes? If you're new to birding and want to learn the basics with other newbies, this is the place... [READ MORE]

Early Season Wildflowers Guided Educational Hike

June 1, 2024: June is the ideal month to observe the blooms of the prairies, foothills, and forests. Anyone who delights in wildflowers will be thrilled with the dozens of flower species we'll encounter as we travel up and over the Continental... [READ MORE]
Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners Educational Program

Multiple: Of the outdoor sports, fly fishing is arguably the most poetic. Over the past century, Montana's blue-ribbon trout streams have lured in explorers from all over the world. From beginners to active anglers, we invite you to come and increase... [READ MORE]
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Glacier’s Grazers – Guided Educational Day Hike

August 31, 2024: During this one-day course, we will discuss in detail the ungulates of Glacier National Park, with emphasis on life histories, distribution, habitat requirements, and predator-prey relationships. There are six ungulate species... [READ MORE]
Harlequin Duck day Camp

Glacier’s Harlequins – Guided Educational Program

May 18, 2024: In Glacier Park, Harlequin ducks are as rare as grizzly bears, as secretive as goshawks, and as specialized as mountain goats. We'll spend the day looking into the lives of these little-known natives and observing them feeding and... [READ MORE]
Orchids Flowers In Glacier National Park

Glacier’s Orchids – Guided Educational Hike

June 8, 2024: This course will provide an exciting introduction to the ecology and identification of some Glacier's most secretive and beautiful flora. In addition to learning how to recognize and identify orchids in the field, we will discuss... [READ MORE]
Bear In Glacier National Park

Hey Bear – Guided Educational Hike

July 6, 2024: This phrase has been deeply ingrained in the minds of most hikers, but is it the best thing to say? We've all heard about the infamous August 1967 night in Glacier, but what caused it? This course, Hey Bear: Breaking Common Myths... [READ MORE]
Highline Geology

Highline Trail Geology | Guided Day Hike

July 20, 2024: The geologic features one can see along the Highline trail offer stunning glimpses of time in Glacier's history. Our many vantage points provide spectacular views of the classic glacial landscape. Along the hike we will make several... [READ MORE]
Reading the Forest Landscape

Reading the Forest Landscape – Guided Educational Hike

July 6, 2024: Everyone knows that Glacier is a mountain park, but most people don’t realize that two-thirds of it is forested. Gain a new appreciation and understanding of this vast and “overlooked” landscape. Learn to read the forests... [READ MORE]