Winter Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing


December 18, 2020 * January 29, 2021 * February 26, 2021 – While most people hang up their fly rods once the temperatures dip, cold weather fly fishing can produce some exceptional specimens, as well as offer a chance to recreate outdoors during the long winter months.

(Winter Activity Level)

Winter Fly Fishing

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Winter Fly Fishing
December 18, 2020 * January 29, 2021 * February 26, 2021

In this introductory course we will learn the basics of fly fishing, casting, and rigging, as well as some tips-and-tricks to keep your fly rods in use during the icier months. We will spend time discussing some of the incredible behaviors our fish exhibit to adapt to the frigid winter months, and how you can successfully target these behaviors to land fish all year long. We can’t promise you’ll catch a fish, but you will leave this program with the skills and knowledge to continue your pursuit of fly fishing and hopefully put a few fish in the net!

** If you wish to fish at the end of this course, you will need to possess a valid Montana Fishing license. (Licenses can be purchased online at

Hiking Level: 

  • Walking around Big Creek and the North Fork of the Flathead River
  • We will be briefly walking through snow, as well as over snow/ice covered rocks along the river bank
  • Time will be spent in both our indoor warming hut space and outside around the site

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December 18, 2020
January 29 2021
February 26, 2021

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