Nature Journaling and Sketching


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SINGLE DAY COURSE  – Come and learn the art of natural journaling and sketching. This skill will encourage you to slow down and turn your focus to the natural world around you.

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Nature Journaling and Sketching

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Nature Journaling and Sketching
Instructor: Karly Chin
July 6 at 7 a.m.

Deepen your connection to nature and build confidence as an artist through the practice of nature journaling. Keeping a nature journal encourages you to slow down and turn your attention to the plants and animals you often walk right past. In this course, you will fall in love with the natural world while exploring the flora and fauna of the McDonald Valley. We will focus on building skills in journaling, sketching, and mindfulness. Spend time capturing and preserving your discoveries and memories within Glacier National Park with written word and sketches

Meeting Place: Glacier Institute Field Camp

Itinerary: After introductions and a brief overview of the day we will dive into our field drawing workshop. We will spend a few hours at Field Camp exploring the nearby subjects while learning different tactics that will later come into play when we head out into the field. We will spend time workshopping gesture drawings, sketching, shading, and adding color. After a brief break, we will head out to Upper McDonald Creek and spend the remainder of the course putting our newfound skills to work out on the trail. Using a variety of techniques and journaling prompts, we will dive in and get a closer look at the natural world around us, while gaining a deeper understanding of it. The course will end by 4 p.m. and will not be cancelled due to weather.

Food:  Please bring a trail lunch, plenty of water and snacks for the day.

Park Entrance Fees: Participants are responsible for purchasing their park entry passes prior to the course. These can be purchased online at:

Equipment: Please see basic gear list. Naturalists record their observations using a blend of writing and art. Please bring the following:

  • An unlined journal or field sized sketchbook
  • Preferred writing and drawing materials. A regular pencil and a ballpoint pen are really all you need, but we encourage you to incorporate your favorite writing and drawing supplies into this practice. Jenah uses artist grade pencils (a 2H and a 2B) and micron pens (005 and 01). Many naturalists also enjoy using colored pencils and/or watercolors in their journals.

Physical Requirements: Moderate difficulty; on-trail or off-trail hikes up to 3 miles and/or 800 feet elevation gain.


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