Glacier in Writing

Glacier in Writing


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SINGLE DAY COURSE – From pink shooting stars to lateral dark slice of the diorite sill, the raw beauty of Glacier National Park sparks creative expression in words.

(Summer Activity Level)

Glacier in Writing

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Glacier in Writing
Instructor: Corrie Williamson
June 13 at 7 a.m.

Glacier National Park captures our eyes, minds, and imaginations, inviting us to tell its stories and our own. Evoking the nature of a place or conveying a moment with fresh eyes and words presents various challenges to the writer – to involve the senses, to select specific, concrete detail over abstraction, to instill emotion into landscapes of stone and ice, to incorporate relevant and revelatory elements of history, geology, and ecology. For writers of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction, this course offers generative prompts and a place-based opportunity to hone skills for observing and writing about the wild world, and how we inhabit it.

Meeting Place: Glacier Institute Field Camp.

Itinerary: (subject to change due to weather and trail closures) We will meet at 7 a.m. with introductions to one another and to the basics of writing. Through individual, guided, and collaborative writing exercises around Field Camp and Lake McDonald, students will learn methods to enhance and expand their place-based, nature-oriented writing. Following an opening discussion of common challenges and issues when writing about nature and the environment, we will explore the area and generate material through exercises designed to offer paths to new works and ways around blocks or issues. We will work both indoors and outdoors, examining relevant writing examples as we go, and sharing portions of the day’s work to receive constructive feedback from the group.

Food:  Please bring a trail lunch, plenty of water, and snacks for the day.

Park Entrance Fees: Participants are responsible for purchasing their park entry passes prior to the course. These can be purchased online at:

Equipment: You will receive a Field Camp gear list once you register. Most importantly are comfortable hiking shoes, at least 1-2 liter water bottle, backpack, rain gear, hat, and sunscreen. Weather can be varied so please be prepared with appropriate clothing, and extra warm layers. Please come prepared to write with writing utensils and a notebook. Bring a laptop or tablet if you prefer, but have paper and pen as backup. Be prepared to write and wander outside. A sit pad or collapsible camp chair may be useful, too, for outdoor writing exercises.

Physical Requirements: Easy to no difficulty. We will walk around Field Camp and Lake McDonald with distances of less than 0.5 miles. The elevation gain will be less than 100 feet. We will be sitting outside to write during the day; bring a sit pad or easy-to-carry folding camp chair for comfort.

Academic Credit: Please see our ‘2021 Academic Credit’ link on our website to learn about OPI credits for our courses.


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The Glacier Institute has a 24 hour cancellation policy for a full refund with all of our courses.


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