Family Snow Day

Family Snow Day


December 29 * December 31, 2020 * February 27, 2021 – The North Fork holds a winter wonderland that too many people are missing, join us to discover this iconic Montana landscape together!

(Winter Activity Level)

Family Snow Day

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Family Snow Day
December 29, 2020 * December 31, 2020 * February 27, 2021
Cost: $25 per family

Get outdoors and have a chance to explore the beauty of the Flathead National Forest while engaging in fun activities for all ages. Throughout the day we will learn about what makes winter such a special and beautiful time of year, as well as explore the science of snow and how snow impacts the environment around us. Activities will include building a quinzee “a traditional Athabaskan snow shelter”, examining snowflake structure, talking about the properties of the snowpack, and discussing the different adaptations plants and animals have to survive in the Winter.


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December 29, 2020

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