Capturing Glacier's Night Sky


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SINGLE DAY COURSE – Ever wonder how they get those amazing shots of the night sky and northern lights? Join us to learn what it takes!

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Capturing Glacier's Night Sky

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Capturing Glacier’s Night Sky
Instructor: Angela Tempo
October 6 at 7 p.m.

Montana is the land of big skies. These grand, wide open spaces are awe-inspiring, even more so at night. Come learn how to capture a moment of Montana’s starry night sky. We will be surrounded by glacially-carved peaks reaching to the heavens, and iridescent reflections of alpine lakes, each accented by the cover of night. We will be using night-time photography to discover parts of the park unseen by most visitors.

Meeting Place: Glacier Institute Field Camp

Itinerary: We will begin the course by meeting at Field Camp at 7 p.m. to go over photography basics, including functions of the camera, settings, and extended exposure photography. The group will then travel to Logan Pass in Glacier Institute vehicles to set up equipment, and begin to practice extended exposure captures on the boardwalk of Logan Pass. We will observe the night sky, with its constellations and moon presence to notice their effects on night time captures. The course will last 4-5 hours, after closing comments and instruction, followed by packing up materials and returning to Field Camp. Expect a late night, in order to allow enough time to take photos at Logan Pass after the sun sets. We will arrive back to Field Camp around midnight or later.

Equipment: Come prepared for all types of weather, it can be cold and windy in the high altitudes. Comfortable shoes, rain gear and extra layers are highly recommended. Cameras with manual settings, assorted lenses, clickers and tripods are highly recommended, as they will not be provided. A headlamp or flashlight will be required for walking around Logan Pass. A smart phone with the following apps: Moon, Skyview and Star Walk, are suggested but not required.

Physical Requirements: Very little difficulty, up to a one mile walk on a flat boardwalk. Must be able to stay up past midnight.

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