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West Side Hikes

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Avalanche Lake

Hike to Avalanche Lake and Trail of the Cedars

Base Price: $500

Join us as we explore a primeval forest nestled in the maritime climate of the McDonald Valley. One can expect to find ancient markers of centuries past! The lush cedar-hemlock complex is home to an explosion of life and awakens one to the grandeur and biological magnitude of Glacier’s timeless spaces. Following mossy boulders and the smoothed ravine walls of Avalanche Creek, the aquamarine waters guide a 4.5-mile round trip hike to Avalanche Lake, home to the Westslope cutthroat trout. These resilient denizens feed in the chilly clines of this lake and tell a remarkable tale of adaptation and change. You’ll encounter the remnants of avalanche blowdown, colossal stones plucked out by pressures of ice, and a glacier-fed cirque basin that leaves the gravest of hikers misty-eyed.

Recommended booking dates: June through September.

Physical Requirements: Distance (roundtrip): 4.5 miles / Total elevation gain: 730 feet

Apgar Lookout

Hike to Apgar Lookout

Base Price: $500

Join us for a hike to one of Glacier’s active fire lookouts! This outing will take a look into the past to help us understand the history of fire management in the park over the past century. During our hike to the lookout, we will learn about the role of fire in the forest and how it influences the plants, animals, and scenery of Glacier National Park and the surrounding areas. Once we reach the lookout, we will be provided with an unrivaled 360-degree view of this spectacular area. Choose from one of two lookout options based upon your groups’ hiking ability.

Recommended booking dates: Mid-May through September.

Physical Requirements: Distance (roundtrip): 7.1 miles / Total elevation gain: 1,845 feet

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Going-to-the-Sun Road and Hike to Hidden Lake Overlook

Base Price: $500

Punctuated by the peaks around Logan Pass, the Hidden Lake trail often ranks highly on a visitor’s must-see list. Join us to explore the hanging gardens, the alpine meadows evocative of ancient Mesopotamia, and the eye-popping color of the ground-hugging plants like mountain pink and Glacier lily. What conditions beget these fairytale forms? What advantages do they confer? We’ll also examine the air of change in these alpine wonderlands as climate change shapes the landscape and redefines relationships. Additionally, there are few places better to catch a glimpse of the famous “beast the color of winter” – Glacier’s iconic mountain goats—as they grip craggy ledges, dine on alpine lichen, and slake their thirst on mineral licks from fault exposures and forgotten trekking poles! These wooly denizens are fascinating studies of the alpine and exemplify the park as a refuge for these treasured species.

Recommended booking dates: Mid-July through September.

Physical Requirements: Distance (roundtrip): 2.7 miles / Total elevation gain: 540 feet (Continuation to the lake, if conditions permit. Distance (roundtrip) 5.4 mi / Total elevation gain: 1,325 ft )

Siyeh Pass

Hike to Siyeh Pass

Base Price: $500

Join us as we hike to Siyeh Pass. Atop Siyeh Pass, we will be enlivened by the gleam of Sexton glacier and a keyhole view of the imperial Reynolds peak. The Siyeh Pass trail delights its hikers with an ecological barrage of phenomena, from the gullies and rivulets that stream down from tarns through Preston Park and the spruce-fir forest to the grace of wildflower co-ops feeding a teeming collective of winged workers. Our day touches on the hydrological significance of this eastern finger of the maritime Pacific climate, a crash course in wildflower and shrub identification, how the buzzing insectary in these climes waxes and wanes throughout the seasons, and grizzly tales of the alpha omnivore of the Rockies.

Recommended booking dates: July through September.

Physical Requirements: Distance (roundtrip): 8.9 miles / Total elevation gain: 2,090 feet

Hike to Firebrand Pass

Hike to Firebrand Pass

Base Price: $500

Join us as we step into the wild and undisturbed aspen parklands just below the Continental Divide. This outing will appeal to those that wish to get “off the beaten path” and experience a portion of Glacier that sees very few visitors annually. This full-day excursion begins at the Lubec trailhead, just 45 minutes from West Glacier. Our first steps along the trail will transport us into habitat that supports beavers, mountain lions, moose, bears, and more. We will move slowly through the aspen parklands as we learn about this unique ecosystem and the wildlife that it supports. We will pay special attention to the treetops in this area, as they provide fantastic habitats for numerous species of birds. As we move out of the forested section of our hike, we will be offered spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. As we break for lunch on the trail, we will take the time to look for sheep, goats, bears, and more on the surrounding hillsides.

Recommended booking dates: July through September! Earlier in the season, we modify this to be a shorter hike focused more on the wildflowers.

Physical Requirements: Distance (roundtrip): 10.2 miles / Total elevation gain: 1,950 feet

East Side Hikes
Hike to Rockwell Falls

Hike to Rockwell Falls

Base Price: $600

Join us as we explore the unique natural wonders of the Two Medicine Valley. Sinopah Mountain, meaning “kit fox” in Blackfeet, looms above the South Shore trailhead of Two Medicine Lake, a sedimentary monument of awe. With this peak and others watching over, hikers amble through a montane forest of lodgepole pine and Douglas fir, checkerboarded with meadows, beaver ponds, marshy wetlands, and creek crossings. Staying dry requires the traverse of multiple suspension bridges, rickety old things that employ all four limbs and some wishful thinking (last piece added for “suspense”)! Hikers are rewarded with Rockwell Falls, a cascade of white water terraced in red argillite clay.

Recommended booking dates: Mid-July through September.

Physical Requirements: Distance (roundtrip): 7 miles / Total elevation gain: 375 feet

Glacier Week

Hike to Grinnell Glacier

Base Price: $700

Join us on a trail of astounding proportions! The Grinnell Glacier trail takes hikers through the Cataract Creek Valley, hugging the shoreline of sparkling lakes as it climbs through the strata of Precambrian Belt Rock. The ocher and brick-red hues contrast with the cerulean shimmer of Lower Grinnell Lake as you step through a terrace sprayed by waterfalls, slopes afire with the white-hot stalks of beargrass, and hopefully, gaze upon a moose munching on sedge and willow in the marshy creek bottoms. Glaciers abound at the summit of the trail, a fraternity of icy expanse that belies the long-term effects of the modern world on these and other glaciers throughout the park. In 1850, the area that became Glacier National Park contained 150 glaciers! We’ll explore these disappearing giants, their glacial impressions scoured into rock, and the palette of colors that animate this strenuous but rewarding ascent.

Recommended booking dates: Mid-June through September.

Physical Requirements: Distance (roundtrip): 11.3 miles / Total elevation gain: 2,162 feet