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Online courses that strengthen your connection to the natural world.

Since 1983, the Glacier Institute has been providing hands-on, field-based educational adventures to people from all over the world in nature's spectacular classroom, the Crown of the Continent ecosystem with Glacier National Park at its center. The Glacier Institute has partnered with Thinkific to develop The Glacier Institute Online University to offer the same high quality education to anyone who might not be able to travel to Montana.

"Take one of our courses and then put the computer down and get outside and enjoy the world around you."

~ Anthony Nelson, Executive Director

River Ecology

Join our resident river expert, Thomas, as we dive into what makes rivers so interesting! You're sure to learn something will reshape the way you look at rivers!

General / 26 Lessons / $200

Bear Safety

Don't miss out on the great outdoors because of a fear of bears,. This course is designed to help you understand bears and how to explore bear country safely.

General / 22 Lessons /$20

Upper Lake McDonald Trail

Join us for a wintery walk from Lake McDonald Lodge and around to Sacred Dancing Cascades! We'll discuss tracking, winter wildlife adaptations, and more!

Trailcast Series/ 10 Lessons / $50

Hidden Worlds: Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

Learn about the vital role these tiny creatures play in earth's ecosystems, and why even a 600 pound grizzly bear depends on them!

Youth Courses / 18 Lessons / $200

The Story of
Our Landscape

Take this course to learn about the earth's layers, history, and how glaciers played a vital role in forming Glacier National Park!

Youth Courses / 18 Lessons / $200

Where Our Water

Follow a snowflake on its journey from the mountaintops to the oceans below!
(Ages 9+)

Youth Courses / 14 Lessons / $200

Nature Photography

Learn how to bring your memories home with this beginners lesson in photography basics.
(Ages 9+)

Youth Courses / 11 Lessons / $200

Starter Pack

Learn about the basics of photography and understand where mountain snow goes when it melts with our 2 course Starter Pack.

Youth Courses / 25 Lessons / $300

Ice and Water

This bundle includes three classes with topics that revolve around water, although some of it is frozen! Learn more about how water has shaped our ecosystem.

Youth Courses / 50 Lessons / $450