Wilderness Stroll | Guided Day Hike

Wilderness Stroll Guided Day Hike

Join us as we stroll through the often-overlooked Flathead National Forest. This stunning ecosystem shares a boundary with the lovely Glacier National Park, and it possesses equally stunning wildlife, landscapes, geology, and waterways. This area is truly a jewel in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. This course is geared for those who appreciate a sauntering pace and ample time to relish, observe and enjoy the beauties around us.

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Owls of the Mission Valley | Guided Educational Hike

This course will provide a thorough introduction to the ecology and identification of the owls of the Mission Valley. Montana boasts the largest number of breeding owl species of any state in the nation. The Mission Valley provides habitat for approximately nine of these species. By the end of the course, you should be able to correctly identify Montana’s owls, understand their adaptations, life histories and overall ecology.

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Firebrand Pass | Guided Day Hike

Step into the wild and undisturbed aspen parklands just below the Continental Divide. This outing will appeal to those that wish to get off the beaten path and experience a portion of Glacier that sees very few visitors each year. This full-day excursion begins at the Lubec trailhead, just 45 minutes from West Glacier. Our first steps along the trail will transport us into a habitat that supports beavers, mountain lions, moose, bears, and more.

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Two Medicine Valley | Guided Day Hike

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Join us as we explore the unique natural wonders of the Two Medicine Valley in Glacier National Park. Sinopah Mountain, meaning “kit fox” in Blackfeet, looms above the South Shore trailhead of Two Medicine Lake, a sedimentary monument of awe. Hikers will encounter a montane forest of lodgepole pine and Douglas fir throughout the meadows and marshy areas of this beautiful valley. Hiking through these stunning aspen parklands involves glacially carved lakes and towering mountains, waterfalls, and bubbling creeks. Red rock lights up the mountainsides, leaving every visitor with a deep appreciation for this valley and the stories behind it.

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