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We’re happy to introduce this next gal to all you Glacier Institute fans out there! Mikaela Joerz is such a lovely addition to our team, she’ll be working primarily with our youth programs during her time here in Glacier!

Role: Outdoor Education Specialist
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
University: Arizona State University #GoDevils

Mikaela Joerz, a nature enthusiast, was born on the East Coast but spent most of her childhood in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. She is currently pursuing a degree in ecology, building on her previous experience surveying birds and vegetation. Her passion for the natural world is reflected in her hobbies, which include exploring the great outdoors through hiking in the woods, and capturing its beauty through watercolor painting. In her free time, she can also be found hanging out with her pet chickens, which she lovingly cares for. With her deep connection to nature, Mikaela hopes to make a positive impact in the field of conservation.

Having spent most of her life in Arizona, she is an expert at wearing multiple layers outdoors. She has vast amounts of knowledge about the area, but also has some serious artistic abilities. If you need any drawing from macroinvertebrates to ponderosas for your living room decor, she’s the artist you’ll want to commission.