Glacier National Park Guided Hikes & Tours


Come experience Glacier National Park in ways you will never forget with our educational guided hikes and hiking tours.

You’ll gain an entirely new outlook on the natural world through our in-depth guided educational hikes and hiking tours. Fall in love with hiking Glacier National Park for the first time, or all over again! Our naturalist-led hikes and education programs allow you to make the very most of your 3 day backpacking trip glacier national park, leaving you with life-long memories and unbelievable photo opportunities. Enrollment for the Summer 2022 Season is now open.

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Summer Mushrooms and Lichens | 2-Day Educational Program

This course will provide a thorough introduction to fungi and the role they play in the northern Rockies ecosystem. We will study approximately 40 genera of fungi, their macroscopic features, spores and ecological niches. We will look at the ecological... [READ MORE]

The Uncommon Loon – Guided Educational Program

July 2, 2023:This course will focus on the unique creature that calls many of the lakes in Glacier National Park home. Through this course, we will learn about loon anatomy, propulsion, flying, eye color, and other adaptations. We will spend time... [READ MORE]

Trees and Shrubs of Glacier National Park

Wanting to brush up on your tree and shrub ID skills? Join local botany expert Janet Paul Bones for a full day inside Glacier National Park! Our day will be spent in the field identifying the common trees and shrubs using a simple key. Discussions will... [READ MORE]
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Two Medicine Valley Guided Day Hike

Every Wednesday & Saturday: Join us as we explore the unique natural wonders of the Two Medicine Valley in Glacier National Park. Sinopah Mountain, meaning "kit fox" in Blackfeet, looms above the South Shore trailhead of Two Medicine Lake, a... [READ MORE]
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Wildflower Workshop | 2-Day Guided Educational Hike

June 24-25, 2023: Glacier National Park is a wildflower aficionado's paradise. With nearly 1,000 species of wildflowers located within its boundaries, Glacier provides an abundance of beauty and learning opportunities for those who know where... [READ MORE]

Winter Observation on a Nordic Ski Trail

Every Tuesday & Thursday: Experience the beauty of the Flathead Valley in winter. The Crown of the Continent Ecosystem offers vibrant life, despite the frigid temperatures and heaps of snow. This course will dive into the adaptations that organisms... [READ MORE]

Winter Photography

March 3-5, 2023: Using the iconic scenery of Glacier National Park as our canvas, we will dive into the fundamental techniques of shooting and editing landscape photographs. This class is primarily field-based, giving you ample opportunity to... [READ MORE]

Winter Snowshoe in Glacier

Every Wednesday & Saturday: Did you know Glacier National Park can be enjoyed all year long? We invite all ages to bundle up and join Glacier Institute staff for a snowshoeing hike in this glittering winter wonderland. Even in winter, Glacier... [READ MORE]
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Winter Tracking Adventure

February 25, 2023: Winter is one of the best times to experience the Crown of the Continent! Frozen streams, snow pillows, and abandoned trails all leave winter hikers with a sense of primal exploration. Join Garrett Tovey, the Director of Education... [READ MORE]

Wolves of the North Fork Valley | Guided Educational Hike

This course will focus on the recovery and current status of wolves in Glacier National Park and the Northern Rocky Mountains. Since human behavior plays such an integral role in wolf recovery efforts, current wolf politics and western attitudes towards... [READ MORE]

Women’s Fly Fishing | Educational Program

Multiple: Of the outdoor sports, fly fishing is arguably the most poetic. Over the past century, Montana's blue-ribbon trout streams have lured in explorers from all over the world. From beginners to active anglers, we invite you to come and increase... [READ MORE]