Adult Hikes & Tours


Adulthood can be hard. Enjoying time outdoors as an adult should be easy.

Learn a new skill or master an old one.  The Glacier Institute offers you the chance to make the most of every minute in nature. We understand how valuable and rare it can be to have time in the outdoors. We make sure that adult participants experience Glacier National Park like never before.

Alpine Mammals | Guided Educational Hike

August 13: Have you ever wondered why marmots lick your hiking boots and steal your trekking poles? How mountain goats can climb vertical cliffs while lacking opposable thumbs? How the animals of Logan Pass endure frequent subzero temperatures... [READ MORE]

Alpine Wildflowers | Guided Educational Hike

July 22 & August 3: The wildflowers of Glacier are spectacular. They are especially beautiful against the rugged backdrop of mountain peaks. Their fragility is even more striking when the adverse environment of their habitat is understood. In... [READ MORE]

Autumn in Glacier Park | Guided Educational Hike

September 25: Autumn is the season of change. Learn how animals and plants react to waning daylight hours and cooling temperatures. On our hike through meadows, aspen glens and into the subalpine zone, we'll see some of the brilliant reds, oranges... [READ MORE]

Avalanche Lake | Guided Day Hike

Daily, June - September: Avalanche is one of the most popular hikes in Glacier National Park! After traveling past the gorgeous Lake McDonald, we will begin our educational hike at the lush Trail of the Cedars trailhead. We will continue climbing... [READ MORE]

Beavers: Glacier Park’s Habitat Builders | 2-Day Guided Educational Hike

September 2-3: Discover the amazing beaver! Beavers are second only to humans in their ability to alter their environment. The habitats they create are vital to the livelihood of a huge number of species from birds and fish to elk and wolves.... [READ MORE]

Birding by Ear | 2-Day Guided Educational Hike

June 4-5: Glacier National Park comprises more than 1 million acres of diverse and stunning bird habitat. Encounter both common and uncommon bird species that thrive in and around the park on an adventure led by expert birder Denny Olson, who... [READ MORE]

Birding Week in Glacier Park | 5-Day Educational Program

June 12-17: Accompany us for this five-day bird extravaganza detailing the diverse and brimming biomes of Glacier. We will discuss "the things with feathers", large and small, mottled and brilliant! By traversing through each bird paradise, we... [READ MORE]

Birds of Prey | 2-Day Guided Educational Hike

July 11-12: Raptors have been immortalized as symbolic heralds in literature, served as important indicators in uncovering the effects of pesticides on wildlife, and they parol our skies connecting us to an ancient, evolutionary past. During our... [READ MORE]

Capturing Glacier’s Night Sky | Educational Program

August 27: Montana is the land of big skies. These grand, wide open spaces are awe-inspiring, even more so at night. Come learn how to capture a moment of Montana's starry night sky. We will be surrounded by glacially-carved peaks reaching to... [READ MORE]

Carnivore Stories | Guided Educational Hike

September 18: During this one-day course, we will discuss in detail the carnivores of Glacier National Park, with emphasis on life histories, habitat requirements, distribution, and predator-prey relationships. The importance and uniqueness of... [READ MORE]

Complete Going-to-the-Sun Road | Guided Day Hike

Daily, July - September: This is your complete Going-to-the-Sun Road educational experience! Our day will begin at 8am as we head towards the park entrance in West Glacier. Along the road, we will have chances to stop and learn at such iconic... [READ MORE]

Early Season Wildflowers | Guided Educational Hike

June 5:June is the ideal month to observe the blooms of the prairies, foothills, and forests. Anyone who delights in wildflowers will be thrilled with the dozens of flower species we'll encounter as we travel up and over the Continental Divide... [READ MORE]