Spring Programs


Enjoy The Scenic Beauty of Glacier National Park as it Awakens from Winter.

Choose from a variety of guided day hikes or join us on a weeklong exploration of the “Crown of the Continent” Ecosystem.

Early Season Wildflowers Guided Educational Hike

June 1, 2024: June is the ideal month to observe the blooms of the prairies, foothills, and forests. Anyone who delights in wildflowers will be thrilled with the dozens of flower species we'll encounter as we travel up and over the Continental... [READ MORE]
Harlequin Duck day Camp

Glacier’s Harlequins – Guided Educational Program

May 18, 2024: In Glacier Park, Harlequin ducks are as rare as grizzly bears, as secretive as goshawks, and as specialized as mountain goats. We'll spend the day looking into the lives of these little-known natives and observing them feeding and... [READ MORE]
Orchids Flowers In Glacier National Park

Glacier’s Orchids – Guided Educational Hike

June 8, 2024: This course will provide an exciting introduction to the ecology and identification of some Glacier's most secretive and beautiful flora. In addition to learning how to recognize and identify orchids in the field, we will discuss... [READ MORE]
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Spring Mushrooms and Lichens | Educational Program

May 25, 2024: This course will provide a thorough introduction to fungi and the role they play in the northern Rockies ecosystem. We will study approximately 40 genera of fungi, their macroscopic features, spores and ecological niches. We will... [READ MORE]

Wolves of the North Fork Valley | Guided Educational Hike

June 29, 2024: This course will focus on the recovery and current status of wolves in Glacier National Park and the Northern Rocky Mountains. Since human behavior plays such an integral role in wolf recovery efforts, current wolf politics and... [READ MORE]