Educational Programs


You’ll gain an entirely new outlook on the natural world through our in-depth education.

Fall in love with Glacier National Park for the first time, or all over again!  Not only do you get an amazing educational experience, you also get into the Park! Participation in a Glacier Institute course acts as your Going-to-the-Sun Road ticket for the day.

Glacier’s Harlequins | Guided Educational Hike

May 21: In Glacier Park, Harlequin ducks are as rare as grizzly bears, as secretive as goshawks, and as specialized as mountain goats. We'll spend the day looking into the lives of these little-known natives and observing them feeding and courting... [READ MORE]

Herbal First Aid Kit | Guided Educational Hike

August 27: Many of us enjoy spending time in the wild lands, be it day hikes, backpacking adventures or simple picnics in the great outdoors. Despite our best preparations and efforts at safety, bumps, cuts, scrapes, irritating plants and insects... [READ MORE]

Hey Bear | Guided Educational Hike

August 19: This phrase has been deeply ingrained in the minds of most hikers, but is it the best thing to say? We've all heard about the infamous August 1967 night in Glacier, but what caused it? This course, Hey Bear: Breaking Common Myths About... [READ MORE]

Hidden Lake Overlook | Guided Day Hike

July - September: Hidden Lake Overlook is one of the must-see highlights in the park. This educational tour will spend time discussing the incredible geology of the area while traveling along the Going-to-the-Sun road corridor. We will also take... [READ MORE]

High Country Exploration | Guided Educational Hike

July 9: Come experience the high country, where we will observe environmental changes as we hike from the dense subalpine spruce and fir forest of the Saint Mary Valley, to the stunning alpine zones characterized by gnarled, windswept trees that... [READ MORE]

Highline Geology | Guided Educational Hike

August 5: The geologic features one can see along the Highline trail offer stunning glimpses of time in Glacier's history. Our many vantage points provide spectacular views of the classic glacial landscape. Along the hike we will make several... [READ MORE]

Highline Trail | Guided Day Hike

July - September: The Highline is arguably Glacier National Park's most famous trail. Departing from Logan Pass, this trail leads you through some of the most scenic vistas in the lower 48, all while in view of billion-year-old geological features.... [READ MORE]

June Montana Master Naturalist | 5-Day Educational Program

June 20-24: During this week-long course, we will learn basic and advanced skills to identify plants and animals found in Glacier National Park. We will use those skills to understand what nature can teach us about the past, present, and even... [READ MORE]

Lessons from Bears | Guided Educational Hike

August 24 All of us have stories to tell about our experiences in nature. Bears too have their own stories that we are lucky enough to unfold. During this one-day course, we will dive into stories and encounters from Dave Streeter's 40 years of... [READ MORE]

Montana Master Naturalist | 5-Day Educational Program

August 1-5: The core focus of this week-long course will be developing skills to read the landscape. We will use big themes of biogeography, forest succession, and habitat to frame our knowledge. Through this five-day intensive course, participants... [READ MORE]

Natural Disasters of Glacier National Park | Guided Educational Hike

July 16: Whether it's flood, fire, avalanches, infestations, and more, natural disasters play an active role in shaping the landscape of Glacier National Park. "Disaster" is a socially constructed concept that can refer to any natural disturbance,... [READ MORE]

Orchids | Guided Educational Hike

June 11: This course will provide an exciting introduction to the ecology and identification of some Glacier's most secretive and beautiful flora. In addition to learning how to recognize and identify orchids in the field, we will discuss the... [READ MORE]