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Every year, approximately 300 adult participants experience Glacier National Park like never before

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn something new about Glacier National Park, browse our courses and experience the wonders of the natural world. From the beauty of Alpine Wildflowers to the politics of Wolves of the North Fork Valley, spend a day connecting to the outdoors.


Take advantage of unbelievable small-group opportunities to spend the day learning about the best parts of Glacier National Park. Personalized Educational Tours with the Glacier Institute allow up to six people to explore and learn about parts of Glacier National Park from the experts that know it best.

Raft trip
Teacher Professional Development

The Flathead Community of Resource Educators invites twelve K-12 teachers to take part in this unique, hands-on, multi-disciplinary learning experience.
Come explore your watershed and uncover the many pieces that make our place so extraordinary. Be inspired, learn new skills and gain new knowledge to better engage your students in learning about their place.

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